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20 unsolicited advice


Every time I learn something, I quickly write it down on my Notes app. To remind myself about how I should handle a situation when it presents itself to me again.

  • Humility is not thinking about yourself less and not about thinking less of yourself.
  • Community based discrimination still exists in the modern world. People tend to judge based on the way you look and where you come from.
  • Slap people in their face with your work.
  • Show up. Keep showing up. Keep on showing up.
  • Great people who changed the world were amateurs.
  • People who call themselves experienced are the ones who pull you down.
  • Adjust to someone's humiliation only to a certain level. No one is worth being humiliated.
  • Mistakes are okay. Move on.
  • Losing a parent is an inevitable change in your life. Step up.
  • Life is extremely fragile. There are so many things that you don't control in your body, and can turn your life upside down anytime of any day.
  • Do as much as you can to work on your dream when you feel better.
  • Your best piece of work is the one others carry out when you're gone.
  • It is okay to hang on to things till the end. At least, you know you gave everything you have to make something work.
  • Partnership in business is more than just money or opportunity. Think about your people before partnering with anyone.
  • Running a company is NOT about you.
  • When someone is rude, mean to you or take you for granted, it is their disease. You have nothing to do with it. Ignore them. Completely.
  • Sleep when you feel like sleeping. Wake up, power up and crush it.
  • Majority of your life will be about work. Don't feel guilty to work for a better future.
  • Hope. This single word is more powerful than any other word in the dictionary.
  • It is okay if you are not famous. You still deserve the respect from the community.