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My guiding founder principles


I wrote this in my Notes app back in 2015, and have iterated over the years.

These are the principles that drives me to build products, and they could change in the years to come.

I thought these could help other founders iterate their principles as well.

  1. Ship super fast. Design files doesn't matter. Shipping it matters.
  2. Good customer support is a basic feature.
  3. Iterate fast. Iterate everyday.
  4. Customers' care about themselves.
  5. Treat your team well. Prioritize their mental health over work.
  6. Dream for 5 years ahead. Don't let current situations destroy your dream.
  7. Sit alone with your notebook and write it down. Don't type.
  8. Absorb knowledge. Related, unrelated, everything. Absorb.
  9. Trust your gut. There's something special about it.
  10. Following only logic is dangerous. Following only emotion is delusional.
  11. Delegate what feels like a chore.
  12. Scale very slowly. There is no rush.